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 Cortech Latigo RR Gloves
Cortech Latigo RR Gloves
Cortech Latigo RR Gloves Features Grade A leather backhand and gauntlet with perforated leather forchettes Supple abrasion-resistant leather palm and thumb is covered with a second layer of reinforced leather with Kevlar interlining in palm area Silicon printed anti-slip throttle guard and fingertips Palm area also has padded rubber for additional comfort, shock absorption and protection TPU molded polyurethane knuckle and finger protection, with dense foam wrist and gauntlet armor Padded rubber protectors on back of thumb for extra protection Pre-curved palm and fingers combine with finger expansion panel to reduce hand fatigue and improved dexterity VELCRO brand closures wrist strap with rubberized puller, adjust accordingly Protective gauntlet cuff with a rubberized gauntlet strap puller for ease of operation Perforated leather keeps hand comfortable in high temperatures Soft, moisture wicking, brushed fleece interior lining
Overall ratingĀ 
4 / 5
4 / 5
Hard to beat value for money!
PostedSeptember 1, 2011
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FromĀ Brisbane, Australia
Rider Type:Road Warrior
Good Points:
*Size and fit is perfect for my hand according to sizing chart.
*Great features and plenty of protection for fingers, knuckles, palms even wrist and forearms.
*Lots of features for the price - great value.
*Good enough fit and finish to keep me happy. All the stiching and joins look sturdy enough that I feel safe wearing them.
*Inner lining feels sort of like suede/velour and feels very nice and comfy on my skin.
Not So Good Points:
*The wrist protection makes it too thick to fit under the sleeve easily. When the glove is fully open, it isn't quite that big so it takes a bit of fiddling to get it to fit over the sleeve of a thicker touring style jacket. It would easily fit over racing leathers though. I first tried it with the AGV Sport Tempest Jacket and with some fiddling, got it fitting under the sleeve.
* The thumb and heel of the palm near the thumb feels rather tight but that could be down to just the shape of my hands. I have big palms. I've only just got it, so it may just need to get worn in a bit.
* The thumb doesnt have stretch panels or separate hinging panels like the fingers and knuckles do, so it feels tight/uncomfortable when flexing my thumb to grip something. Sort of like a pulling feeling on the area near the wrist and back of my thumb.
*Fit and finish is good but not anywhere up to the standards of some more expensive brands like A-Star.
Overall I am happy with these gloves and would recommend them. They're not perfect, but you cant be too fussy considering price and the features it has.
Next time I'm shopping for gloves, I think I'll spend a bit more on something that feels more comfortable on my thumbs.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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