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Joe Rocket Hammerhead Tank Bag Features: Wind/Water resistant 1000D Nylon construction Extra wide magnetic mount system Padded belt buckle guard Window GPS pocket Cell Phone storage Fast access coin holder Removable shoulder strap Hidden rain cover Reflective stripe 15L x 8W x 4.5H
Overall rating 
3 / 5
3 / 5
Great Idea But Poor Execution
PostedOctober 20, 2012
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The Joe Rocket Hammerhead Tank Bag is best described as a tank bag with a lot of potential. The idea of the bag is great but the execution is flawed. It is a nice size tank bag for everyday use. The bag is very compact and does not interfere with any controls nor does it block your gauges. It is a good tank bag for sport bikes if you are willing to accept its flaws. I personally use it every ride to store bottled water, my cell phone, keys, wallet and bike lock. Please note that this is not meant for multi-day trips. If you are looking to pack some clothes for a long trip, you are looking at the wrong bag. Other features of the bag include a rain cover that stores in a pocket and a strap to carry it over your shoulder. The bag also has a maximum weight allowance of 5lbs.
As mentioned before this bag has some flaws that keep it from receiving a 5 star rating. The first problem is that this product fails at one of the major features, the GPS pocket. This pocket is roughly 4.25" x 4.5" x1". I have yet to see a modern GPS that will fit in here. The second issue is the cell phone pocket. This pocket is 5" x 3" x 1". If you have a smartphone you are probably out of luck. I intentionally bought this bag for these two features and sadly both pockets are too small. The dimensions of the pockets are not disclosed by Joe Rocket so I hope that this review helps anyone wondering their size. The final issue that I found with this bag is that it leaves black marks when you remove the bag from the tank. It will not damage you paint. You just need to rub it off with your finger. I guess the best way to describe it is when you have a cheap pair of shoes that leaves black marks on the floor but a quick mop cleans it right up. Overall it’s not a bad bag. I use it a lot. If you are specifically buying this bag for the GPS and cellphone pockets, check the dimensions that I mentioned above before you buy. If you just want a small bag for everyday riding to store small items and water, this bag is great.
In Summary:
-Compact bag that does not interfere with gauges or controls
- Magnets securely hold it in place
- Looks very good
- Includes shoulder strap and rain cover
- GPS pocket is very small 4.25" x 4.5" x1"
- Cellphone pocket is very small 5" x 3" x 1"
- Leaves black marks on tank when removed
Yes, I recommend this product.
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