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 Dainese Portland 2 Textile Jacket
Dainese Portland 2 Textile Jacket
Sports design and safety matched with elevated comfort levels are the concepts at the heart of the new Portland 2 jacket developed for use in the warmer months thanks to the air inlets in Boomerang mesh and the built-in Shield Air G2 back protector, which together with the removable composite protectors ensures safety in case of fall. The ergonomic design is the result of construction in stretch Mugello fabric that guarantees a constantly tight fit and the possibility to fasten the jacket to the pants by zipper. The liner has been provided with silver ion treatment to keep hygiene levels constantly high. Protection From Shock Removable composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1/97 Standard. Includes Shield Air G2 back protector certified to EN 1621.2/2003 Standard(Lev. 1). Abrasion And Tear Resistance Mugello fabric. Boomerang mesh inserts. Ergonomics Adjustment strap on neck. Wrist adjustement. Waist adjustment. Jacket-trousers fastening system. Temperature Regulation Nanofeel liner with Silver ion treatment. Air vents. External fabric with water resistance treatment. Other Features Reflective inserts. 2 outside pockets. Internal pocket. NOTE Dainese made a change in production the zippers / buttons as pictured are red anodized. However, when the jacket went into production it was produced with black zippers / button pulls, so the pictures / video are inaccurate in this respect.
Overall rating 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Great Hot Weather Jacket
PostedJune 25, 2011
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From Houston
Rider Type:Commuter
I picked this up in April 2011. Two months in, I've done a fair amount of commuting, and a few recent 40 miles stints on highways.
I live in Houston, TX. It is hot and humid as all get out. I've come to the conclusion that no matter what you are wearing, if you are having to stop at stop lights/stop signs repeatedly, you are going to get hot. The sun is going to beat down on you and warm you up. If I was just wearing underwear, I'm sure I would sweat just as much. I will concede this is probably less hot than a leather jacket, but that's primarily due to how much lighter it is.
In the past few days I've put nearly 100 highway miles on the jacket. I think that this is where the Portland2 shines. The huge vents around the armpits flow a huge amount of air. I never once felt hot (well, beyond the alternative of sitting in a car with a/c), and my armpits didn't get wet.
Fit: I'm about a 46 in suit jackets, but tend to wear 48 because that is all that is available. I originally ordered a 46, and thought it fit well. I wanted my jacket to really hug me though, and even with it snapped as tight as possible at the waist I wasn't confident it was the right size. Revzilla sent over a 44 ASAP, and it fit much better. I only have to snap it 1 or 2 snaps at the waist, and it fits incredibly close. The neck is slightly tight/scratchy on the front, but I remedy that with a bandana (plus I don't get a sunburned neck that way).
I think the style/look is fantastic. I like how Dainese jackets fit, but most of their jackets are garish in my opinion. This is super low key. It's as close to the black leather cafe racer jacket you can get, or from what I've seen. Also, the neck snap and zipper pull aren't red like advertised, but I prefer the black for it's low-keyness.
I haven't crash tested the jacket yet (thankfully), but I feel the protection is pretty great. I believe the fabric is roughly 800 denier cordura (I could be mixing that all up), and I believe you ideally want at least 500 denier, if you are sporting a textile jacket. The armor is great. It's fits incredibly snug, but you can pull every piece out and re-adjust it with the velcro patches, not strips, but actual velcro patches to get the exact fit you want. The included back protector is fantastic as well. It's serious, and keeps you from needing to rush out and buy a separate protector if you don't want to, or have the funds to do so yet. It also is in a big zipped pouch that makes it easy to take in and out.
There are 2 front pockets that are adequate, as well as a good sized inner pocket that you can easily fit a wallet/insurance cards/whatever in. I sometimes stick my big Kryptonite disc lock in there when I don't have a bag and forget about it pretty quickly.
Overall I'm super content with the jacket and would recommend it to anyone looking for a warm weather jacket that gives you a lot for your dollar.
I'm currently saving up for some Dainese Drake Air pants to match up (and zip to the included half zip on the Portland2), to complete the hot weather suit.
Also, I'm able to fit my Dainese Pro-Carbon gloves under the sleeves with them zipped closed and it's a great fit, not too bulky.
Lastly, the other jacket I had looked at was the Rev'it Turbine. It seems similar in quality and construction, but unfortunately didn't come in anything smaller than 48 so I went with the Dainese.
Rides: 2001 Triumph Bonneville
Yes, I recommend this product.
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