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Dynojet Auto Tune Kit for Power Commander and Power Vision Once installed, the Dynojet Auto Tune Kit constantly monitors your bikes air/fuel mixture from your exhaust gases and sends this information to your Power Commander V. Then, the Dyno Jet Autotune automatically makes corrections to the air and fuel ratio based your current map. Each map that Dynojet offers has preset air and fuel ratio values included that they have found to be the best overall setting for your bike. This means no matter what aftermarket exhaust or air filter you install on your motorcycle, the Auto Tune Kit will ensure that your air and fuel ratio is optimal. Each throttle position and RPM combination can also be individually adjustable. This allows both fuel economy during lower RPM cruising, while also maintaining peak output at larger throttle openings. For most models of bikes it is also possible to adjust the air and fuel ratios of each gear. This gives you total control of the fueling in every gear and throttle/RPM combination if desired. Single Channel AT-200 - The Single Channel AT-200 is a universal fit, single O2 sensor kit. It can be used on any motorcycle that has a PCV installed on it. It includes a single O2 sensor, cut-to-length sensor cable, control module, O2 sensor weld-on bung and CAN connection cable. It requires a ground and 12 volt connection be made using the supplied Posi-Taps. Dual Channel AT-300 - The Dual Channel AT-300 is designed for twin cylinder motorcycles and ATVs that use the Power Commander V allowing control of two cylinders simultaneously. The kit includes two O2 sensors, a control module with 2 sensor inputs, a CAN connection cable, CAN termination plug, two cut-to-length sensor cables, and two weld-on bosses. It also requires a ground and 12 volt connection to be made using the supplied wiring hardware. Features: Plugs directly into the Power Commander V with a single cable Patented Tuning Link dynamometer technology 18mm Bosch Wideband O2 sensor Constant air/fuel monitoring Automatically makes air/fuel corrections Adapts to ambient air pressure and temperature Compatible with Power Vision Made in the USA
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5 / 5
5 / 5
Works for all Bikes which support PC5
PostedMay 18, 2013
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FromĀ Jensen Beach
Rider Type:Road Warrior
I have a 2006 CBR 600rr, i upgraded to the PC5 when i heard they came out for my year. I hooked it up and welded a bung in. Placement is really important if u stick it outwards it becomes a risk of ripping it off while banking corners hard, place it in a spot where it can be hidden with out issues.
This is great if you don't want to pay for Dyno tunes after u upgrade your bike, also great for areas with changing humidity and pressure. The trims are spot on and will make your ride smoother and smoother.
When getting your bike dynoed it is in a stationary position with out air blowing into the Intake creating a vacume. This allows the maps to be more refined an run better than a dyno.
* Grab a custom map on their site or get Dynoed and Mod it with Dyno Tune!*
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