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Icon Pursuit Stealth Gloves Murdered out leather short cuff perfection. The Icon Pursuit Gloves stand out for their ability to blend in. The 100 sheepskin leather construction with goatskin overlays provides a classy and supple chassis that is comfortable right out of the gate. Integrated knuckle armor and a secure wrist closure help provide that extra bit of protection when you need it. Features: Pittards sheepskin chassis for great fit Goatskin leather palm overlay for durability Integrated knuckle armor for protection Secure wrist closure keeps the glove in place Expansion gussets to improve overall flexibility Snap to keep gloves together while not in use
Overall ratingĀ 
3 / 5
3 / 5
A very stylish glove that falls short due to Icon's Quality Control
PostedMay 12, 2013
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FromĀ Lynchburg
Rider Type:Commuter
I purchased the Icon Pursuit Stealth Gloves after being so impressed with how they looked. I have a preference for minimalism, so I immediately gravitated toward the Pursuit Stealths due to their overall look. Now that I have received the item I must say that looks aren't everything!
On the outside the gloves feel amazing. They are short-cuff and best for summer riding, and feature hard reinforcement around the knuckles and on the tops of the fingers. The gloves are fastened via Velcro, and also have a small metal button so that they may be clipped together when they are not being worn. I must say, as with any leather product, the gloves smell amazing. Nothing beats the smell of new motorcycle gear!
The first thing I noticed is that the gloves extremely tightly (as to be expected with any leather product, as they must break in). However, I used the Icon size chart which suggested a medium due to my hand measurement and these gloves were still comically small when I went to put them on. Another disappointing factor is the interior seam at the fingertips, which feels extremely stiff and will likely be uncomfortable until at least broken in (if it does break in).
Finally I must comment on my biggest gripe with Icon. This would have been my third pair of Icon gloves, and I have noticed that the stitching on the gloves is the biggest weak point. These Pursuit Stealth gloves were shipped to me (brand new) with some of the stitching already starting to come undone on the palm of the item. If this is anything like my Icon Twenty-Niner gloves, the stitching will unravel extensively after about 10-15 rides and the gloves will start to fall apart. Oddly enough, I own a second pair of Twenty-Niner gloves which are holding together just fine. I chalk this all up to poor quality control from Icon.
Please note that I returned my gloves due to many different reasons and did not give them the proper "break-in" period that most leather gear requires. However, due to the above-mentioned reasons I simply cannot recommend these gloves to anyone for their current price. They look amazing, but for the $75 price point I'd pick up a pair of SMX-2s as you get twice the glove at five dollars less.
No, I do not recommend this product.
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