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Sidi Vortice Air Boots It was thought that the award winning Sidi Vertigo Corsa boot was the pinnacle of sport boot technology. Until today that is as Sidi is proud to introduce the next step in the evolutionary chain: The Vortice. The latest in technology combined with the great skill and workmanship of Sidis Italian based factory technicians blend in a whirl of fresh solutions to satisfy a riders desire for safety and comfort. Features: Perforated Lorica construction Teflon vented mesh liner Tecno calf tensioner for adjusting leg circumference Tecno shin and instep tensioners Fiberglass reinforced nylon ankle bracing Shock absorbing heel cup Shin plate Gear change pad Fiberglass reinforced nylon toe slider with alloy insert and air intake Polyurethane / rubber composite racing SRS sole Please Note: Both colors feature Sidi's calf tensioner mechanism, though the Black/White boot image excludes it.
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3 / 5
3 / 5
Lacking medial support
PostedMarch 26, 2013
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FromĀ San Francisco
Rider Type:Kneedragger
NOTE: I have not worn these boots while riding. I share from an off bike perspective - for return purposes - against the Alpinestars Supertech-R, and Dainese Torque RS Out.
The ample lateral ankle bracing doesn't connect to anything except leather on the medial side. If your heel touches down on the medial side of the ankle, or if something gets tangled that causes a medial twist, the boot offers - in my opinion - inadequate support.
My last track crash involved a medial twist. I was not wearing these boots, but after purchasing and testing on my still raw ankle I'm unfortunately unconvinced they would perform. You can easily bend the ankle to the inside well beyond its natural range with no mechanical stop or slowdown.
I wish this were different. Why Sidi didn't continue the plastic heel around to connect to the medial side brace mystifies me. They are a beautiful boot, that offer a lot of support, and so many other features, I wish it were not so.
When compared against the Alpinestars Supertech-R, or the Dianese Torque RS (in/out), they lose. Both these alternative boots performed better in my crude, twist-my-raw-ankle-by-awkwardly-pushing-it-in-unnatural-angles-to-the-medial-side-yet-not-on-a-bike-(now I need Advil) test.
So I'm returning the Sidi boots. However, I'm still torn between the Supertech-R and Dainese Torque RS. The Supertech seem to provide the most amount of support, and they are ridiculously comfortable (they really do feel like slippers), but they're a bit clunky/bulky. Once again I wish the Italians had made a boot feel as technically supportive, but the Dainese ever so slightly don't: the ankle support is external, which wouldn't be an issue except that the upper portion of the boot fits a bit loose nullifying the supportive effort (maybe with huge calves your ok?? Even with the calf adjustments at their tightest they're still loose on me), and their lateral sliders are much higher on the boot, risking a touch down of heel rubber before the slider can do its job.
I hope this helps someone in their decision, and doesn't just frustrate. Good luck!
No, I do not recommend this product.
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