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Shoei GT Air Helmet Enjoying the ride is what motorcycling is all about and having a helmet that is comfortable and safe just facilitates that joy. The Shoei GT-Air has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate all-rounder. With a fully adjustable ventilation system, drop-down internal sun visor, fog-free Pinlock CNS-1 face shield and Shoeis legendary comfort and quality, the GT-Air has all of the features you need to keep your focus on the road instead of on the discomforts a lesser helmet can cause. The GT-Air was developed using wind-tunnel testing at Shoeis state-of-the-art facility in Japan which led to an aerodynamically-tuned tri-composite shell that mitigates buffeting, as well as wind and road noise. The plush liner is comfortable, quiet and removable when you need to wash it. Light, safe and comfortable, the Shoei GT-Air Helmet meets and exceeds the needs of contemporary riders, allowing them to enjoy what they love most: the ride. Aerodynamic Shell Design: Aerodynamic properties maximized through extensive wind tunnel testing and professional riders feedback Multi-piece EPS liner enhances impact absorption and ventilation Three shell and four EPS liner sizes provide increased fit options that help comfortably fit most head sizes Molded air spoiler reduces drag and lift as well as diminishes pressure on the riders neck while riding at speed Sun Shield Visor System: Built-in QSV-1 sun shield gives riders instant relief from sun glare in one quick motion Visor meets ANSI Z80.3-2010 standard for non-prescription eyeglasses Large and easy to reach switch activates the 3D injection-molded inner sun shield Distortion-free shield blocks 99 of harmful UV rays Forehead area of the outer shell is raised slightly to accommodate the internal sun shield, allowing the integrity of the GT-Airs inner EPS liner to remain intact Ventilation System: Upper air intake vent positioned to maximize air volume into the helmet interior Large upper intake vent positioned to maximize performance behind wind screens Easy to operate large lower intake vent Lower air intake/defroster vent reduces shield fogging and increases ventilation Rear/neck vents allow for effective air exhaust Breath guard and chin curtain included Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM): High performance fiber materials combined with elastic organic fibers to create a shell structure that is ultra-lightweight, rigid and resilient Interior System: 3-D Max-Dry center pad and multi-layered, polyurethane foam cheek pads Chin curtain prevents wind entry and reduces noise Cheek pads are replaceable or removable for maintenance Eyeglass compatible interior E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick-Release System) allows emergency medical personnel to easily remove the cheek pads from the helmet of a rider involved in an accident, in turn making the Shoei GT-Air more easily removable Standard Chin-Strap Clip: Neatly secures chin strap CNS-1 Shield System: CNS-1 three-dimensionally curved shield is both wider and taller than the CX-1V it replaces Includes Pinlock Anti-Fog Lens for more coverage of the CNS-1 shield Dual-Ridge window bead increases contact with the shield to reduce wind noise Scratch-resistant shield coating 99.9 protection from harmful UV A&B rays Safety Certification: DOT Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, Shoei products can only be shipped to addresses within the United States.
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4 / 5
4 / 5
Good helmet - louder and provides less ventilation than expected
PostedMay 22, 2013
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FromĀ Sacramento
Rider Type:Commuter
I was looking for a new helmet to replace my aging Arai Profile and settled on the GT-Air after much research. The primary selling points were quietness and great ventilation. Unfortunately, I have been disappointed with both of those features as I'll explain below.
I currently have about 2000 miles on the helmet with the majority of those miles stemming from my daily commute (about 75 miles of freeway travel).
I initially found the helmet to fit slightly small and had difficulty putting the helmet on without hurting my ears. After a few days of riding, the helmet broke in nicely and now I find the fit very comfortable.
The external visor and drop down sun visor are both fantastic and I love that a Pinlock shield was included as part of the package. I've found the Pinlock shield is absolutely necessary to prevent fogging in this helmet (and yes, I wear it at night too).
The overall fit and finish are great, but the white helmet I purchased comes across a little too plastic like for my tastes (reminds me of a Fisher-Price toy). I was hoping for more of a painted white helmet like you might find on Arai models.
As I mentioned at the top of this review, quietness was a major consideration in the purchase of this helmet. At slower speeds I found the helmet to be very quiet, but once I jumped on the freeway and traveled at higher speeds, I noticed significant wind noise coming from underneath the helmet. The noise was much more pronounced than my previous three helmets (all Arai). The noise was so loud in fact, I considered going back to my old helmet (and I do wear earplugs). I even changed the windscreen on my bike in an effort to redirect the air to see if it made any difference (negligible). Although I still find the noise loud, I've grown accustomed to it now. If you're a shorter rider and able to completely fit behind a windscreen, the helmet would probably be just fine in this regard. But if you're taller and always seem to be stuck in the jet stream, you might face my problem.
I was also disappointed with the ventilation, primarily the lack of ventilation directly to the face through the chin bar. This really bothers me, as I feel like I'm suffocating especially on hotter days. In contrast, the top helmet ventilation is excellent and provides great air flow.
Overall, I find the GT-Air to be a good helmet and would recommend it to someone if they found the areas I faulted unimportant.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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