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 Teknic Lightning Gloves
Teknic Lightning Gloves
Teknic Lightning Gloves Shell Material 100 Kevlar matting lined palm Super supple drum dyed cowhide construction materials Inner materials TASC (Teknic Advanced Seam Construction) - Advanced multi-row stitching provides maximum seam strength Protection Safety wrap finger system - palm seams are sewn to the sides of the fingers for improved strength and comfort Index finger seam is reinforced with an exterior leather roll for superior burst strength and improved comfort Knox Scaphoid protector Tunnel System Knuckle - adds hard armor and extra padding without sacrificing suppleness Safety-Wrap pinkie system Nylon finger protectors for impact dispersion Dual compound nylon knuckle protector Additional Features Racing glove with pre-curved fingers and palm Low profile and light weight Fully Perforated for maximized airflow and breathability
Overall rating 
2 / 5
2 / 5
Inconsistent Quality
PostedJanuary 8, 2013
Customer avatar
From Orange County
Rider Type:Commuter
I bought this glove hoping it would be as amazing as it looked. I'm not trying to be a hater, but I am really disappointed. Here's my ¢2 to help out my fellow riders:
The gloves do run a tad large, or so I thought. I tried a size down from M to Sm and it was way too tight. Then I went back to M and one glove was ok and the other was super tight (that's 3 pairs I have tested#. Sometimes the wrist adjustment would be painful to the wrist.
There were other quality issues as well, that were more frustrating than the fit. I noticed the stitching was inconsistent. In some places there would be a bunching of stitching as if the seamstress had issues tying off a knot or something. It would be sporadic #i.e. not matching on both gloves#. The room inside the gloves wasn’t very consistent. My right glove pinky had way to much room, but the left wouldn’t, and the left thumb was bigger than the right. You could even see it on the outside. The pinky fingers were sewn differently. The left was rounded off, but the right was more square. Also, one of the pairs had a significant defect. One of the perforated panels on the wrist was very faded, dry, and cracked, as if it had been sun-damaged. I'd finally had enough and switched them out for a slightly more expensive REV'IT! SLR at the recommendation of the Revzilla rep #btw, get these! They are awesome#. Thanks again Revzilla! You could even get the REV'IT! RSR, which is even more price friendly. When I called Revzilla, the rep even told me that it isn't uncommon to have defect problems with companies like Teknic and AlpineStars, at least as far as gloves go. It might be another story with racing suits.
If you still want these gloves, here are a few other things to help.
Airflow – Alright. Standard for any gauntlet racing style glove #definitely not a trackday glove)
Protection/Durability – Can’t say. Wouldn’t bet on durability though
Features - Scaphoid thing is cool
Style – Look cool
Comfort – Spotty at best
All in all, I wouldn't recommend a Teknic glove to anyone. Spend a few more dollars and get something to protect your hands. Also, the REV'IT! gloves are supposed to be some of the most comfortable ones out there. Think about it. When/if you wreck, your hands are going to be some of the first to hit the ground. Why spend hundreds and hundreds on jackets, helmets, pants, but skimp on your hands.
One last note. Revzilla, you rock! You have shown how the true business model works. Sell good products with helpful, knowledgeable service, and you will do well. Thanks for all the support. You’ve made a loyal customer out of me.
Keep the sticky side down boys…
Rides: 2004 Honda CBR600F F4
No, I do not recommend this product.
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