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Speed and Strength SS1700 Lock and Load HV Modular Helmet Features: A.T.P.A. Advanced Thermo-Poly Alloy Shell Meets or Exceeds DOT and ECE 22-05 Standards Cool-Core Removable, Washable and Moisture Wicking Liner Airstrike Direct Course Ventilation System Lock N Load Plus Rapid Conversion Shield Replacement System All Clear! Sight System Optically Correct, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Fog and UV Resistant Face shield DVD Drop Visor Design Note: Helmet ships with clear face shield only. Helmet may come with a quick release chin strap or a double d-ring strap. The SS1700 runs slightly large. If you are between sizes, select the smaller size.
Overall ratingĀ 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Excellent Value!
PostedApril 1, 2013
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FromĀ Fort Collins
Rider Type:Commuter
I was looking for a replacement for my 5 year old HJC. I ride every day and knew that I wanted a modular. This helmet ticked all of the boxes on my list and somehow still managed to be significantly cheaper than other similarly featured helmets on the market.
I find that the helmet seems to hold tighter to my forehead and around the top of my head rather than the sides. I am sure this is partly due to the shape required for a modular. When the flip-up is closed, it pulls in tighter to my cheeks. I find it very comfortable. I wore an XL in all of my previous helmets and bought this in a L after seeing several video reviews.
Speed Strap Chin Strap - I love the Speed Strap latch mechanism. It works perfectly and has enough notches to allow for the colder days when I wear my thick balaclava.
Air Flow - I really like the design of the air vents. They are easy to operate and have a very positive feel to them. I don't think they will wear out and stop staying open or closed any time soon. You can instantly feel the cool air on the top of your head when you open the upper vent.
Internal Sun Visor - The internal sun visor is a must on any helmet I own. I find this one easy to operate, but the location of the "switch" for it makes for some very tight fit with my ScalaRider G9. It is not so bad that I can't still work both with my winter gloves on, though.
Speaker cutouts - It is nice that there is an indented area to mount speakers. I would say they could be deeper, but they do function nicely.
Shield - I find the shield to be very clear and has no imperfections to impede vision. I do wish it had a detent that kept it in the "just cracked" position. There is no spot between closed and about 1/4 open. With that being said, the helmet does close very tightly, which contributes to the lower than average sound levels.
Pinlock - I saw somewhere that this helmet was not shipping with a Pinlock visor, but the one sent to me has the clear Pinlock shield. Now they need to start selling the Pinlock insert and my fogging complaint will be addressed. I ride any time there is not ice or snow on the road, and anything colder than around 45 degrees gives me condensation on the visor. More so when I have my balaclava on because it directs breath upward into the helmet.
I am very impressed that this helmet not only has the expected DOT safety rating, but also, the ECE 22-05 rating as well. This is unheard of in a helmet at this pricepoint.
I find the chin strap, flip-up mechanism and latch, and overall build quality to be very good. I expect it will do a nice job staying together to protect my noggin if ever called to do so.
For the price, this helmet has many features that you won't find on any helmet that isn't a couple of hundred dollars more expensive. It is well built, comfortable and I think Speed and Strength is on to something good.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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