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 Dainese Speed Naked Perforated Leather Jacket
Dainese Speed Naked Perforated Leather Jacket
Dainese Speed Naked Perforated Leather Jacket The Dainese Speed Naked Leather Jacket is characterized by a unique style and a great personality, combined with enviable attention to detail. The perforated leather is treated with resin for a vintage look, and the aluminum inserts on the shoulders are coupled with Pro-Shape soft protectors for superior comfort. Also available in a non-perforated version. Protection Composite protectors certified to EN 1621.1/97 Standards on the elbows Pro Shape soft protectors certified to Standard EN 1621.1/97 on the shoulders Aluminium inserts on the shoulders Ergonomics and Comfort Perforated vintage cow leather S1 fabric Microelastic elasticated inserts Inserts in elasticated fabric Elasticated inserts Waist adjustment Neck adjustment Jacket-trousers fastening system Air inlets on the chest NanoFeel liner with 3D Bubble fabric inserts Other Pocket for G1 and G2 back protector Pocket for Thorax chest protector Soft inserts 2 outer pockets 1 internal pocket Note non-perforated version of Dark Brown is shown for color reference.
Overall ratingĀ 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Speed Naked Perforated in black
PostedMarch 30, 2013
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FromĀ Lawrenceville
Rider Type:Road Warrior
After several rides with this jacket my initial impression is that this jacket is an incredible value. I replaced my A* GP-R Perforated jacket after only 1 season as I deemed it to be inadequate for my needs. My impressions are as a result of riding on my 2009 R6.
Bang for the buck..
The jacket features typical Dainese quality. In other words, it is impeccable. I did not notice any loose threads, warped panels, discolored leather, etc.. If God rode a motorcycle and needed a jacket, this is what he would wear. My favorite feature is that all of the armor is secured in the jacket. There is little movement of the armor, which made me feel much safer while wearing it. By comparison my A* GP-R leather jacket had loose threads in several places, and the armor moved around quite a bit even when i was wearing the jacket. Though the thread issue was easy enough to fix, it made me wonder what other irregularities may have been present.
The jacket is subtle. Nothing on the jacket looks like lady gaga inspired the design. This particular leather looks like it is smoothed full/top grain leather. What this means is the surface does not appear as "grainy", as a top layer has been removed for smoothness. All of the buttons and zippers work smooth as silk. Again the attention to detail is impressive and gives this jacket a mature finish which will impress even the most staunch hater. In comparison the A* GP-R had typical top grain leather which was thicker than the Dianese's.
At no point did i feel loose, itchy threads digging into my skin. The finished area around the neck is very comfortable, as is the rest of the jacket. Thankfully for unsuspecting onlookers, the tail of the jacket helped to cover up any plumber's cracks which may have appeared during full tucks on the roadway. In comparison the A* GP-R jackets neck finish irritated the skin on the back of my neck. The Speed Naked is smooth as silk.
Protection and Durability
This is the second leather jacket and I plan on wearing it during the spring, summer, and fall for protection. Again, the well finished compartments held the armor in place very well which to me was confidence inspiring. There is no doubt this jacket would protect me as best an armored leather could. I have only had the jacket for two weeks so I can not comment on durability, but the solid construction implies impressive results. In comparison the A* GP-R had loose threads after just several rides.
Air Flow
The biggest contributing factor to why I wanted this jacket is the air flow potential. There are tons and tons of perforations. You may think there are a lot after viewing pictures and videos but it is only after carefully inspecting the jacket that you realize just how perforated the jacket is. As I had expected, it more than delivers. This baby flows air at an impressive rate, enough that you can feel warm air get sucked out while accelerating. I expected the collar vents to mostly be a gimmick but to my surprise, they worked superbly. In comparison, the A* GP-R Perforated version jacket I had flowed air just as well as the Dainese Speed Naked, however, I needed to be at a much higher speed to get the same effect. The Speed Naked will be a better jacket going into the warmer summer months.
I will list some more notable features..
The upper arms on the Speed Naked are tailored. If you look closely, this has a "popeye" visual effect on the jackets arms. I like this feature because the arms on the GP-R felt very baggy.
The leather around the pockets is finished. This looks very very good, compared to the unfinished leather of some other jackets.
Did i mention this baby flows air? Not only that, but as Anthony described in the video, that bubble liner does some serious work as evident by my 60 degree weather test. To test the feature I set up a little procedure in 60 degree and sunny weather. I kept my back in such a position that the jacket was set smoothly against my back to allow the bubbles to insulate for several minutes. As soon as I arched my back to introduce air, I felt warm air expel from around my back where the bubble liner was present. I trust that the liner will function in much the same way when I am out riding in 80+ degree weather. In comparison the A* GP-R (perf) did not have this insulating effect. In fact the jacket was warmer in 60 degree weather as it did not flow air as well.
I fitted a Klim D3O back protector in my size 48Eu jacket in the larger protector pocket. If I had not just put the protector in myself, I would not have realized that a back protector was even present.
I love this jacket. It looks great, it functions awesome.
What more could I say? I highly recommend this jacket. It is on the pricey side but lets be honest.. A skin graft costs more than this jacket. Your riding emphasizes your emotions, and if you are comfortable in your gear, you can concentrate on smooth, safe riding.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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