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TCX X-Street Waterproof Shoes The original riding shoe, the TCX X-Street Waterproof Shoes put their money where their mouth is when the rubber meets the road. A sneaker on steroids, the X-Street Shoes are infused with motocentric protective features that give urban riders some piece of mind while maintaining a classic and understated style that can be worn just about anywhere. With baked-in ankle protection, a reinforced toe and heel, a breathable waterproof lining, as well as an antibacterial/moisture wicking lining, the X-Street Shoes are the weapon of choice for everyday riders doing everyday things. Features: Breathable, full-grain leather upper Waterproof lining Reinforced ankle, toe and heel Lace closure Molded EVA insole with antibacterial, moisture wicking face fabric Distressed-look vintage rubber sole CE certified
Overall ratingĀ 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Awesome styling, great protection for the type of shoe, works like it should
PostedFebruary 10, 2013
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FromĀ Raleigh
Rider Type:Road Warrior
Bought these so I could have a shoe that I could wear on/off the bike that offered reasonable protection, and that looked like a /shoe/ rather than something an astronaut would wear.
Styling: I give these an A+. Very, very nice looking shoe. As said in other reviews, it's styling is more akin to a skate shoe (ala Vans) than a motorcycle boot. Nice looking leather, quality eyelets. The worn finish around the sole is an odd feature, but not a detractor in any way to me. I've worn them to the office many days and gotten many compliments from people who had no idea it was technical gear. Had I just seen them in a shoe store, I'd have purchased based on looks alone, moto gear or not.
Fit: I have a /very/ narrow foot, and these fit me better than any other shoe I own. They're so snug that they're actually difficult to get my foot into if I'm wearing anything more than a very thin sock. I would say these fit very much on the narrow side of things. Out of the box, they were incredibly stiff; So much so, that after my first day of riding in them for a few hours, I had a bruise on the inside of my shifting leg where the top of the shoe hit. It only took that one ride to get past that though. After 20 or so hours riding in hem, they now feel perfectly broken in. The insoles are very thin, and move around too easily. After taking the shoes off each time, they slide out, and I find myself having to put them back in.
Function: From a protection standpoint, I think they offer an outstanding amount of protection for something that's not a full on riding boot. They seem very durable. The soles are FANTASTIC. Put a foot to the pavement and it stays where you plant it: there's no slip/slide in these, even on wet pavement. Waterproofing: after getting caught out and riding home 30 miles through an unrelenting downpour, in 40 degree temperatures, arrived home to find my feet dry as a bone, and toasty warm. I can say without hesitancy that these don't leak water at all. In conjunction with my Shoei RF-1100, Rev'it Phantom GTX gloves, and my Rev'it Union jacket, they kept all of my vital areas protected, dry, and warm. Making a miserable experience, much safer, and more comfortable than it probably should have been. Now...just gotta get some solid riding pants to complete the ensemble. My legs and crotch were a whole different story :)
Airflow: By design, these don't flow air. Period. I've found this to be a plus and a minus for these shoes. So far, I've only done cold weather riding in them (50s down to the high teens), and they've done a fantastic job of keeping the feet toasty warm. That being said, the liner that keeps water out, keeps sweat in, and with no airflow these get stinky pretty quickly. In warmer weather, I could see this being even more problematic. (Hey TCX! Give us a summer version with no waterproof liner that breathes a little better! I'll buy them!) As the aforementioned insoles were of little value, I replaced them with some odoreaters, and they made the shoe a tad more comfortable, and much less smelly.
So in summary; great product that I'd buy again without hesitation.
Pros: great styling on and off the bike, comfortable once broken in, very high build quality, great protection for what they are, skid resistant soles, and they'll keep your feet warm and dry through the worst weather you can throw at them.
Cons: May fit too snugly for folks with wider feet, pretty uncomfortable through initial break in period (wear thm around your house, or out on the town a few times, you'll be set), insoles are worthless and a real P.I.T.A, such little airflow that warm weather riding will result in very sweaty feet.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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