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 Thor Range Pants
Thor Range Pants
Thor Range Pants The Range Jacket and Range Pant are designed specifically for off-road riders that battle the terrain and the elements. Featuring technical waterproof construction with a seam-sealed chassis, both the jacket and the pant will keep you dry and comfortable with ample zip vents while the multitude of cargo pockets will handle all your essentials. Features Pre-curved knees for better fitment Waterproof yet breathable construction Large cargo pocket for storage Ballistic nylon overlays in high wear areas Custom Thor waist closure plus hook and loop adjustable side cinches Leather inner knee panels for heat resistance and durability
Overall ratingĀ 
1 / 5
1 / 5
Not Waterproof - not even close
PostedMarch 1, 2013
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FromĀ Vancouver
Rider Type:Adventurer
Short version:
- You want off-road pants that will keep you dry from a splash or Windex bottle, these will work. Otherwise save your money.
- Also run a whole size small. I need a belt to hold up all my 32 jeans, bought these in 34 and they fit perfectly :S
Long Version:
I live in the Pacific Northwest and bought these pants as my Klim Dakar pants don't quite hold up to 9 months of the weather we get here, where to get a decent riding season we often ride in the rain.
The great thing about the Klim Dakar pants is they don't claim to be waterproof.
I bought these pants as I have lots of other Thor gear I am very pleased with. Sick of getting soaked, especially getting caught out when the weather quickly changes, these looked like they would be perfect as they would fit over my Thor Ratchet boots and Fox Titan Pro Knee Armour and be waterproof.
I believe if you are trail riding in these pants and splash through a medium sized puddle, these will keep you dry. The material is most certainly waterproof or treated in some way. This in a way though is a part of the issue.
I bought these for dualsport riding in wet conditions. The problem is these pants have a water resistant zipper fly, but there is no gaiter underneath, so if you are sitting down before you get to the trails, any pooled water WILL get in. But unlike other pants, once the water is inside, the waterproof material makes sure it stays there and thoroughly soak any under-layers you may be wearing. Or when you do stand up or put your foot down at a stop, it's like you poured a cup of water down the back of your leg and into your boot.
As if that isn't bad enough, there are also two groin vents (one each leg) which as similarly vulnerable and allow now not just water dripping off my chest, but also my tank to get into the pants.
And finally, those fancy rubber knee patches? They appear to be stitched on through the waterproof membrane. So when your riding with your knees pointed forward, even without rain, just spray from other vehicles, water will get in after a while. And try riding without your knees pointed forward ;)
To conclude, these are nicely constructed pants that are marred by the poor execution of one, and arguably its defining, feature.
If you want regular off-road pants, get something different that will be lighter weight.
If you want waterproof off-road pants, pony up the extra cash for something different, I think I'm eyeing up the Klim Traverse to replace these (same features, actually does them).
If you want to try out the new Thor Rain Water Enema, pick up a pair of these and visit British Columbia anytime between September and July.
No, I do not recommend this product.
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