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 Z1R Marauder Leather Jacket (Size 2XL Only)
Z1R Marauder Leather Jacket (Size 2XL Only)
Z1R Marauder Leather Jacket Classic styling, a generous cut, and premium leather construction make the Marauder Jacket the ideal choice for all day riding comfort. Regardless of the conditions, you'll stay comfortable because, the Marauder Jacket includes an array of features that provide all-season versatility, including sewn-in pockets for elbow, shoulder and back armor and the internal pocket that keeps your valuables safe. So, whether it's an all-day ride through the back country, or a short commute across town, the Marauder Jacket has got you covered. Features 1.2MM-1.4MM premium cowhide leather chassis Full-Length, removable liner 4 large, accessible pockets Well ventilated with perforated leather and intake vents Fleece lined collar with snap closure Subtle laser-etched graphics and embossed logo
Overall ratingĀ 
5 / 5
5 / 5
Best Leather Riding Jacket I've Owned
PostedSeptember 30, 2013
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FromĀ Northern Virginia (Washington, D.C. Metro Area)
Rider Type:Road Warrior
Overall Impressions: I ride every day, and a heavy weight leather jacket is a staple of my riding gear. I was looking to replace another leather jacket (an Icon Motorhead) that I had used for years with a new, better-fitting piece. I wanted to ensure that I had good ventilation options (sleeve perforation and zippered vents), a full-sleeve quilted liner, and enough pockets to hold what I carry when I'm on the bike. Oh, and it has to look awesome!
This jacket fit the bill on all counts. It's ventilation is comparable to my old jacket, and the zippered vents on the shoulders catch quite a bit of extra air. The thermal liner is full-sleeve, and keeps out the cold very well. The pockets are placed even better than my last jacket--handwarmer pockets, a front-left breast pocket, and an internal Napoleon pocket, as well as a little zipper pocket on the sleeve for fast access to cash at a toll booth. Just to ensure I'd be able to give a full review of this jacket, I waited about a year before posting this to put it through its paces. I have worn this jacket through winter and summer (on the cooler days), and loved every minute.
Construction, Style, and Protection: The jacket is beautifully constructed, with 1.2-1.4mm cowhide throughout. Make no mistake, this jacket is HEAVY. The collar has a fleece lining that feels very nice against the neck. The waist is cut evenly throughout, which makes it better suited for cruiser riders or those that do not use an aggressive riding position on the bike that requires the extra tail flap common on sportier jackets. The zippers on the arms help to keep the sleeves in place, but I find during warmer days that they do not travel much even when the zippers are undone.
There are some simple raised Z1R logos (foam inserted under the leather to make it pop) on the sleeve and just beneath the collar on the back of the jacket. There is a somewhat large skull etched into the leather on the bottom right edge of the back, which looks awesome. To this, I added some patches of my own on the sleeves and back. After a year of constant use, the leather is still in excellent condition and does not scuff easily or discolor,
When you receive the jacket, there is no armor of any kind in it, but it accepts CE armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back (I used an older version of what is now called the ForceField Sport Lite Back Protector Insert, equivalent to "Model 001"). There is a black mesh lining in the jacket that holds all of the armor in place.
Concerns: I have had three minor concerns about this jacket. Read them as nitpicks.
The first, which is somewhat obvious, is that it is not waterproof. This was easily remedied by applying SnoSeal as soon as I bought the jacket, and it now sheds water fairly well during light rains. The second is the quilted liner attachment points in the arms. The liner zips into the main body of the jacket, but the attachment points in the arms use very flimsy buttons with a bungee-style loop. The liner also has no elastication at the cuffs, which allows some extra air to flow up the arms during cold weather if you are still wearing shorter cuffs, as I often do until it hits 40 degrees (using my gauntlets, this becomes a non-issue). This is a far-less effective system than the old Icon leather it replaces, which used snap buttons and elasticated cuffs on its thermal liner. I have already had one of the Z1R's button-and-loops fail on me. I intend to install some sort of snap system (or at least a heartier button-and-loop) to hold the sleeves in place. The third is that the pockets, in particular the openings, are a hair too small for my liking. This is not much of an issue for me, though, because I can still cram my short leather gloves with knuckle protection into one handwarmer pocket, I use the breast pocket for a neck gaiter during winter, and the internal Napoleon pocket for papers and a notepad/pen.
Final Notes: If you buy this jacket, you won't be disappointed. The style and construction are top notch, you don't see many people wearing this jacket, and it is very easy to customize because it is all black with few seams. You can stretch this jacket through winter if you have a good tolerance for cold or a windshield, and at least partially through summer (if you don't get stuck in too much traffic!) I will be riding in this jacket for a loooonng time...
Yes, I recommend this product.
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