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Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet Building upon the success of their previous modular helmets, the Shoei Neotec Helmet was designed with long distance and ADV touring in mind. The innovative tri-composite shell has been designed to provide riders with a smooth and quiet ride while reducing, lift, weight and increasing overall safety. The shell of the Neotec has also been designed to house the internal drop-down sun visor, eliminating the need to reduce the thickness of the EPS liner and potentially compromise safety. An integrated face shield shield and chinbar pivot point reduces the number of moving parts, mitigates wind noise and enables riders to close both the chinbar and face shield in the same motion. Shoeis stainless steel 360 Pivot Locking System secures the chinbar when it is in the closed position and the dual-layer EPS liner provides enhance impact absorption and is channeled to facilitate ventilation. From the shell to EPS to the 3D formed comfort liner, the Shoei Neotec is purpose built to provide unrivaled rider comfort and safety. Perfect for nearly any type of ride and rider, the Neotec is the ultimate in touring performance. Face Shield Features: Easily operable lever mechanism Anti-fog, anti-scratch, 99 UV blocking Pinlock-ready CNS-1 face shield Wider and taller than the CX-1V that it replaces Includes Pinlock insert lens 3D injection molding process ensures a distortion-free view Ventilation and Aerodynamics: Vortex generator vents pull air through helmet 276 more airflow than Multitec Added inlets and outlets Vents are flush against helmet to maintain aerodynamics 5-Ply Shock-Absorbing Fiber Shell: 3 shell sizes AIM Multi-Composite construction Lightweight yet strong Shell-integrated spoiler reduces lift and drag during high-speed riding Dual EPS Liner: Multi-density EPS for optimal protection Two vents funnel fresh air through the EPS liner Dual liner channels route and disperse air evenly throughout the helmet EPS liner in chin bar Interior: Fully removable 3D interior liner Top center pad is removable and washable Improved cheekpad design allows better fit with eyeglasses Included chin curtain can be inserted into the chin bar to reduce turbulence and noise Double D-ring closure Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, Shoei products can only be shipped to addresses within the United States.
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5 / 5
5 / 5
Money Well Spent
PostedMay 28, 2012
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FromĀ Jacksonville
Rider Type:Adventurer
First off, let me say that Revzilla is awesome! This was my first purchase from them and will definitely be buying from them again. I ordered on a Sunday afternoon, and got a shipping notification at 8:30 am Monday morning - two days later my new lid was sitting by the front door. On to the helmet...
For reference I'm coming out of a Joe Rocket 101 Carbon helmet, which is very, very light. The Neotec is noticeably heavier in my hand, but balanced so well, it's not evident while on my head.
The shield mechanism is a quality affair, with nice detentes throughout its range, and rewards you with a satisfying 'ping' when you move it to the closed position. It seals up nice and tight, and I think will withstand any water-borne conditions thrown at it without allowing leakage. The Pinlock assembly is standard and a simple install, for which I wouldn't want to be without after having one for the past two years - they simply will not fog up.
The view out is wide in both the vertical and horizontal planes, so wide that it took a bit of getting used to - zero claustrophobia inside this lid. The added benefit is that the Pinlock insert is large enough the lines aren't in your immediate field of view, and I forgot it was even there. (I could see it on the visor of my JR)
Fit and Finish:
Fit and finish of the helmet are top-drawer, and the silver metallic paint gleams nicely in the sun. The internal visor comes down far enough to serve its purpose well, and is dark enough I didn't find myself missing my sunglasses at all. Even though I measured at the very edge of the range for a medium size, I went with it, and am very pleased with the fit of the helmet. It was, of course, a bit snug at first - but broke in nicely after only a few hours. With the plush interior lining, it is simply the most comfortable helmet I've ever owned. It just fits my head...
Okay, I must admit I'm always dubious of claims of great venting from a helmet. I've owned many over the years, and quite frankly have never been impressed. This is the first helmet I've ever owned where I can actually feel air flowing through with the vents open. Pop the simple, but elegant front vent back two clicks and you've got some air moving through there! The chin vent supplies additional flow, and like all mechanisms on this helmet, has a quality feel during operation.
I've ridden with earplugs for longer than I can remember, but the Neotec is certainly quiet. I installed my Sena SMH-10 with zero fuss, and rode with my usual background music piped in - except now it's not background music - I can actually hear the songs in living color. I found myself reducing the volume on the Sena in fact - something I never did with the JR. For reference: I could clearly hear Neal Peart's intricate hi-hat work at the beginning of La Villa Strangiato at 75MPH indicated. With the music turned off, I was pleased with the ambient noise levels. Wind noise was evident, but nicely muted, and only slightly increased with all of the ventilation flowing. (Did I mention you can actually feel the ventilation - not just hear it?)
Chin Bar:
This is my first modular helmet - I've always been a full-face guy. I must admit it's nice to pop the front up for some additional cooling while in stop-and-go riding. The red latch button is easily operated with a gloved hand, and the mechanism clicks nicely into place when moving to the up or down position. I rode for a while with the chin bar in the up position to experience it, and noticed no adverse effects below 50 MPH. Above that I could feel the wind pulling back on my head.
All in all I couldn't be more pleased with the helmet, and if it has a downside I haven't found it yet. I did over 250 miles on my first outing with it, and another 600+ mile day since and am quite pleased. I'm under no illusion that even at Revzilla's price this helmet is a major investment - $596 delivered. It's certainly the most expensive helmet I've ever owned, but after riding it, I feel justified in the investment. Can you get a helmet that provides equal (or greater) protection for less? Sure. But I appreciate the quality Shoei built into this helmet, and the bells and whistles sure make for an enjoyable riding experience...
Yes, I recommend this product.
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