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Klim Latitude Misano Pants The lightweight and durable Klim Latitude Misano Pants combine the legendary waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane with Klim's tough yet comfortable Misano fabric. A full compliment of D3O armor as well as 840D Cordura in high abrasion zones provides unmatched protection without adding excess bulk and weight. Comfortable enough to wear everyday yet packed with features designed to carry you through even the most demanding adventures, the Latitude Misano Pants offer a ton of functionality for those who demand uncompromising functionality and comfort. Note: The Klim Latitude Misano Pants tend to run small and we suggest you go one size up if you are between sizes. Features: GORE-TEX 2-Layer Performance Shell Guaranteed to keep you dry CE-Rated integrated armor system Misano Cordura laminate exterior in main body 840D Cordura laminate exterior in high abrasion zones High-Mobility active fit patterning Pre-Curved leg geometry Max flow ventilation: 4 ports 2 thigh intakes and 2 rear leg exhaust vents Comfort-Fit stretch panel in seat Raised waist back with elastic fit Side waist adjustment straps Adjustable boot cuff with zippered expansion and snap closure Jacket-to-Pant zippered integration system rubber coated buttons Rubber coated buttons Reinforced knees and high-abrasion zones Leather inner knee and lower leg 1 external thigh pocket Mesh comfort liner Industrial grade 3M Scotchlite reflective panels and trim
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5 / 5
5 / 5
Worth the Money
PostedJune 17, 2013
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FromĀ Williston
Rider Type:Adventurer
I bought these for a 9,000 mile trip. The trip ended after 4 days due to a crash, but I had the opportunity to ride four 12+ hour days in the pants, including some extremes of heat and cold, went through some very severe storms and heavy rain, and had TWO crashes. So, here is my review.
Features: great. The pants are well made, impressive right out of the box, and very comfortable. Heavy construction. I bought the gray, which look more like white, and they got extremely filthy very fast so minor complaint that ALL road dirt shows ALOT. Pockets work well and seal well. Never got a chance to use the leg pocket, but the hip pockets are nice and the mesh liner is not flimsy--it's quite secure and comfortable. The zippers dont leak. No wet crotch, even in heavy rain. Good design.
Minor complaint on the construction--there is a heavy seam that goes right across your upper butt that was bothering me after four 12-hour days. It probably wouldnt bother if your seat is flat, but if your seat has a step that holds you forward, this seam may bother you. Other than this, very comfortable. These are fairly low-rise, which turns out to work well in terms of fit when seated. Standing, they look a bit weird (junk in the trunk) but very well cut for riding all day once you are seated.
Fit: I think the sizing is about normal. I bought one size up, so I would have room to wear street or insulating clothing underneath if I wanted, and the fit was fine. They have suspender loops and I found this the best way to keep them up if you buy them oversize. In hot weather, nylon shorts are good underneath--the mesh liner is soft on your legs so you dont need an inner layer on your legs.
It's a bummer they only have one leg length--I have a short inseam and the armor isnt in exactly the right spot if they arent the right length, although it did still protect me.
Cold: Great riding in heavy rain at about 38-40 degrees on my first day, with only wool long underwear underneath. They seal out the wind extremely well. The adjustable gaiter snaps at the ankle are well designed.These pants will fit over heavy boots if necessary--the calf is very loose.
Heat: the pants are very heavy construction and would be very hot above 85 degrees or so if you dont open the vents. The vents work pretty well, the front acting as an air scoop .. . .although the rear (exhaust) vent has a heavy zipper on the back of your leg that is very close to being under a weight-bearing part of your thigh. But the ventilation system works, and even in heavy rain with the vents open, not much water comes in. BUt above 80-85 degrees, these pants will be very hot unless you can keep moving and use the ventilation system. For slow off-road trips, or stuck in traffic. . . you will not want these in hot weather.
Waterproofing: No leaking in extremely heavy rain, although I did get some water up my legs from not stopping to tighten up the ankle cuff. I also got some dripping down from a leaky jacket. But basically, I think these are very water tight and do not leak. No wet crotch and no seam leaking around the knees or pockets. The seams are all taped..
Crash protection: Yes, I can review that feature, crashed twice in one day. Hit a deer at 50, unavoidable, with a long low-side slide and rag-doll tumble on the pavement. No road rash, and only bruises under the hip and knee cups (killed the deer); I taped the motorcycle back together and resumed my trip, only to be run off the road by a hit-and-run driver an hour later, this time a high-side crash and very long pavement slide from about 55mph (yes, it was an extremely bad day). But the pants did their job--not a mark on me except for bruises and goose eggs, the pants were completely destroyed. Glad to report the hip and knee armor DOES WORK WELL, and the cordura DOES protect you in a slide even going down twice at 50-55mph.
I am VERY glad I had these heavy and protective pants, do not regret for a moment the $$$. They are expensive, but so are skin grafts. I will definitely buy another pair.
Yes, I recommend this product.
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