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Kriega US-30 Drypack The Kriega US-30 is 30-litre capacity 100 waterproof motorcycle tailpack. Unique design solution enables fitment can fit directly to the bike's subframe or solid mounting under the seat. The US-30 also comes equipped with removable shoulder and waist straps, so it can be carried courier style, on or off the bike. Base anti-slip mesh also doubles as a pocket to store the shoulder and waist straps when the US-30 is attached to the bike. The shoulder strap connects to the large D-rings at each end of the pack and the waist strap connects to 2 fold away buckles at the corners of the mesh-pocket. The Kriega US-30 motorcycle tailpack is designed to work perfectly with pretty much any motorcycle, via a super secure attachment to the sub-frame. The pack is easily attached/removed by 4 x quick-release buckles, and no extra bungees or rain covers are required. The Kriega US-30 tail pack utilizes the latest generation of fitting straps: US Alloy Hook Straps allow tailpack combinations of up to 90-liters to be carried with confidence and convenience. Easy on/off with no loose straps remaining. Custom CNC milled, aircraft grade, 6061-T6 alloy hooks attach to the four discreet web loops located on the sub-frame of the bike. Fitting method is particularly suitable for traditional one-piece motorcycle seats and bolt-on seat pads/racks, as well as standard seats. US packs can be mounted inline or across the seat. See US Alloy Hook Strap page for full fitting instructions. Features: 1000D Dupont Cordura (100 waterproof main body) RHINOTEK: abrasion resistant fabric HYPALON: abrasion resistant re-enforcement DRYPACK: removable tape-seamed liner (white) 420D nylon ripstop - lightweight yet extremely strong Acetal ITW Airloc buckles YKK water-resistant zips 6061-T6 alloy fitting hooks Side access zip pocket (water-resistant) Coated-mesh pocket Shoulder & waist straps 1 x set US Alloy Hook Straps included 10-year guarantee 30-litre capacity 445mm(H) x 295mm(W) x 225mm(D)
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5 / 5
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PostedOctober 6, 2012
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FromĀ Auburn
Rider Type:Commuter
This bag is one of the better purchase decisions I have made in a long time. When they call it a dry pack, they aren't kidding.
I ride a V Star 1300 every single day 70 miles round trip on interstate. Although this bag (or indeed, this brand) is not normally used on cruisers, it fits, looks awesome, and does its job. I have a cobra luggage rack and sissy bar, which gives me the option to strap it back there, but I have the straps installed under the two-up seat because the well-designed hidden attachment points are too good to pass up.
The soft exterior combined with the compression-like quality of the straps makes it flexible for commuting use. Sometimes I have to bring home a lot, sometimes I just put a few things in there. Regardless, this bag holds it just fine.
The directions could be more clear as to all the different attachment options, but any rider with a brain is going to be able to figure out how to strap this thing to their bike. If you've had a bike long, you know how to strap things down anyway, right? Having said that, this bag is a lot more flexible that the directions would have you believe, and I think Kriega would do well to explain the option more clearly.
As to how waterproof it is, I have ridden in hurricanes (literally, I'm afraid), and this thing has keep my stuff dry.
The rubber mesh on the bottom does a great job of keeping it from sliding around. The straps are tough. The zipper of the external pocket is well-designed and nearly waterproof. (I haven't actually had ANY water get in it yet, but I still am careful not to put electronics in it.) The design looks great.
The only thing I would like to see is backpack straps. It comes with a single, messenger bag style strap, but fully loaded it is a little too big to be carried on one shoulder. It has the attachment points on both sides, and as good as their customer service is, I'd be willing to bet if I called them they would help me order the right straps to use in a backpack configuration. I just haven't done that.
My wife and I are able to fit clothes for a weekend trip easily, but that leaves no room for stuffing weather gear and layers. Really though, for doing more that type of two-rider travel, I should take advantage of the modular aspect and get another bag.
The takeaway?
If you ride a cruiser, and you're sick of how impractical and poorly made a lot of cruiser bags are, buy Kriega. They still look cool (Albeit in a totally different way), and they are bulletproof. No "water proof cover included" with this bag. I mean, really, who wants to have to fool with a dinky little waterproof elastic cover when you've paid a few hundred bucks for a bag? With Kriega, they just make the bag itself to the highest spec you could need and ditch the shower cap.
I will point out to other commuters: Remember this is a roll-top bag. Roll-top bags can take a little more time/effort to pack. I don't mind it, but I could see it being considered a hassle to some. The tradeoff is the full waterproof closure.
Not only would I buy again, but I would've been willing to pay more to begin with if I knew the quality was so high!
Yes, I recommend this product.
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