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Firstgear 90W Heated Jacket Liner The Firstgear Heated Jacket Liner ensures a good fit by integrating stretch panels into the liner's design. The long-sleeve liner envelopes its wearer in warmth by organizing heating elements across the upper and lower back, down the sleeves and around the neck Battling the effects of windchill, the liner concentrates heat in the front of the jacket. Features: Form-fitted to be worn close to the body for optimal heat transfer Liners built to be temperature neutral to allow wearing when active heating isn't necessary Integrated wiring connections for gloves Packs into its own zippered pouch Note: Heat controller sold separately. Make sure to check out our Firstgear Heated Gear Buyers Guide
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4 / 5
4 / 5
What was I waiting for...?
PostedFebruary 18, 2009
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Jon G.
I started out looking for heated gloves, but the Tourmasters offered at my local dealer were so tight and stiff that it set me off on a quest to learn more about available heated gear. Although the First Gear setup was a lot more than I had originally set out to spend, I was reminded of the old adage "the product remains long after the price is forgotten".
The Gloves are quite flexible and much more comfortable than the Tourmasters, although, like the TMs, they run a full size smaller than normal. If you normally wear a large in a winter glove, you will probably find that the XL is more likely to fit in the First Gear glove. FG make a big deal about being sewn "pre-curved" - but there is very little curve in the gloves, and you still need to exert significant pressure (although not as much as the TMs) to hold a grip. Why can't these manufacturers figure out how to sew a 90 degree curve into the gloves so they fit naturally when we're holding a grip? Although the FGs are more comfortable and easier to wear, remember that the TMs include knuckle padding, reflective material and a built in controller, so you must decide what's important to you.
The First Gear jacket liner is a piece of art work. It feels like a heavy nylon jacket, but unlike a summer jacket, it is stitched to fit close. My first reaction when I put it on was "uh oh..." but then the design genius came through - as close as it fit, there was absolutely no pulling or bunching when I reached for the handlebars. This liner is built to fit correctly when you reach forward - the sleeves are long (but not too long), there's no pulling across the back, and no bagging in the front. Both sleeves and body area have elastic panels that don't seem to stretch a lot when you pull them between your fingers, but work beautifully when the liner is on. The Large size fit my 40 inch chest perfectly with a tshirt and thermal top under it. The zip up fleece collar is a little snug on my neck (16 1/2), and I think would be downright choking if I had a turtleneck on (which I would like to do) - FG needs to add about half an inch to this dimension.
The controller wiring is genius. Yes, it's more expensive to use an isolated controller, but the flexibility in being able to connect any combination of gloves/pants/jacket liner are really valuable. single control, dual control, pocket mount, bike mount... it's all available. The controller feels solid, is waterproof, and the knob is well damped for a nice "feel". there is a solid click which you can feel through the gloves when you shut completely off.
I tried to economize by ordering the gloves, single controller, and a 65 watt liner, knowing that my hands always get a whole lot colder than my body. So far, so good - I can wear a thermal top/FG liner/hooded cotton sweatshirt/leather jacket and keep my hands warm without overheating my body. I don't ride below freezing, so for those 12-month riders out there, you may want to consider the 90 watt with a dual controller.
Overall, great product. I spent a lot more than the original $140 I set aside for a pair of gloves, but knowing what I know now, I'd do it all over again.
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